T 'ai Chi Chih
Joy Through Movement

Learn the gentle art of
T'ai Chi Chih,
a series of 19 flowing
and one graceful pose.

These repetitive,
easy-to-learn movements
balance and circulate the
inherent life force within us.

The ancient Chinese called
this life force

T'ai Chi Chih
can be learned in 8 lessons.
No special equipment
is necessary.

The movements
are suitable for people of all
ages and physical abilities.

Many practicing T'ai Chi Chih
enthusiasts enjoy such
benefits as:

  • Increased vitality and energy

  • Ability to focus and stay centered

  • Heightened creativity and curiosity

  • Stress reduction

  • Improved well being

  • A sense of serenity, ease, and harmony.

Pat Jensen, a gentle spirit and a born teacher, 
is a certified teacher who has studied with 
Justin Stone, the originator of the discipline.

"I invite you to learn and explore with me these movements 
which are at once both energizing and calming.  
It is possible in these busy times to experience serenity in the midst of activity."


Take some time for yourself.
Connect, renew, and move with joy.
If there is one key to learning to live well,
it is in the word
For, in joy
we are meant to be.
Choose JOY!

T'ai Chi Chih!
Joy Through Movement


New classes are forming; contact Pat to express your interest and learn of available openings.

Classes are held at the T'ai Chi Chih Center in Scottsdale Village, 3107 Eubank NE, Suite #19, Albuquerque, NM 87111
(Near Candelaria and Eubank)

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Please e-mail pat@toknowtaichi.com for information on upcoming classes and demonstrations!

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