There are 19 movements and 1 pose with descriptive names.  Movements should be practiced daily.  Practice for 30 minutes a day, early morning is best, late afternoon or early evening will be beneficial, too.  Late evening practice may leave one too energized for sleep.

Rocking Motion
Bird Flaps its Wings
Around the Platter
Around the Platter-Variation
Bass Drum
Daughter on the Mountain Top
Daughter in the Valley
Carry the Ball
Push Pull
Pulling in the Energy
Pulling Taffy-Basic
Pulling Taffy-Anchor
Pulling Taffy-Wrist Circles
Pulling Taffy-Perpetual Motion
Working the Pulley
Light at the Top of the Head
Light at the Temples
Joyous Breath
Passing Clouds
Six Healing Sounds

 Ho (Heart)
 Hu (Spleen)
 Szu (Liver)
 Hsu (Lungs)
Hsi (3 Heaters) 
Chui (Kidneys)

Cosmic Consciousness Pose

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